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Selecting Your Pet Sitter

Beware… not all pet sitting services are created equal! When it comes to selecting the person and/or company that will care for your pet and home when you’re away, don’t just assume the biggest ad or flashiest website will get you the best service. Here are a few tips to help you in your search:

  • First Impressions A phone conversation can expose the true nature of a pet sitting service right from the start. Does the sitter seem genuinely interested in your situation? Do they express an interest in learning about your pets? Don’t be fooled by a slick sales pitch!
  • Interviews Are Critical Does the service offer an initial interview before your first trip? A free interview to bring the sitter and pet together is absolutely essential. If they tell you to “just leave a key and don’t worry about it”, find another service!
  • Updates On The Road Will the sitter provide you with updates via telephone, text or email if you request them? A caring, quality service will gladly keep you informed of your pet’s activities if so desired. If they refuse, look elsewhere!
  • Listen To Your Pet When the sitter meets your pet look to see how comfortable both are with one another. Our pets are great judges of character!

    Kathleen winning over her once untouchable mare.

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