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A lot of people write letters of recommendation for various reasons. Today I’m posting this one not because I was asked to, but because I WANT TO!
I’ve worked with Pookie Bros. Pet Sitting for too many years to count, so let’s just say greater than ten years. I remember the first time I met them at my home when I was “interviewing” pet sitters to take care of my furry kids. Little did I know tha…t “I” was the one being interviewed NOT them!
Kathleen asked me questions about my furry kids I hadn’t even thought of asking my pet sitter! They covered all the bases and then some… I’d never felt so confident in a pet sitter before. I’ve left my furry ones with friends and family and I just never felt like I could trust 100 % of what would happen in a true emergency… one of my dogs passed away while my mother was taking care of them and had I used a professional service I believe that my dog would have survived.
I will always be thankful that I found THE premier pet sitters in all of Central Florida!

Tammy Bennett (mom to: Oni, Bettie, Elvis, Clifford, Lucy, Bubba and the fabulous Miss Piggy… and LAMONT!)

Jeff, Elvis & Tammy

Kathleen & Scotty are the best. I credit Scotty with making sure my “kids” are safe & well cared for when we have to be out of town. there is no one else I would ever entrust with my animals. Ever.

Bev McCartt – owner Hip Dog Hydrotherapy

Bev finishing a swim / massage session.

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