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Why Pet Sitting?

Your pets are comfortable and happy in their own home. With Pookie Bros. Pet Sitting, they can remain in that familiar environment even when you are away. By maintaining their normal routine, animals avoid the potential stress and medical hazards of boarding, along with no inconveniences to you.

Pet sitting isn’t just about feeding and walking. Your furry children need love and attention when you’re gone, and we provide that as well! Whether it’s a playful puppy who likes to play fetch, or a special kitty who needs snuggling, Pookie Bros. will tend to all of their needs when you can’t be home with them. With Pookie Bros. in and out of the house while you are gone, it keeps up the appearance someone is home. Deterring anyone with bad intentions toward your home is an added bonus!

Kathleen snuggling with a fennec fox!

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