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My <friend/neighbor/relative> is going to stop by to see the animals while I’m gone. Is that okay?
We strongly discourage “shared visits” with a third party, be it a friend, neighbor, or even a relative. It’s not that we don’t like your friends, but we are professionals, and we take what we do very seriously. Someone else coming in at times when we aren’t there compromises our ability to properly care for your pet. And if someone slips out the door, or something is broken or missing, the question of who is at fault comes into play. Simply put, these are risks we do not wish to take.

Do you charge extra for medications? For walking?
There are no hidden charges for giving medications, or leash walking, or playtime, or anything else. Everything is covered with the “per visit” fee as outlined in our pricing section.

What about my mail and newspaper? What about my houseplants?
Mail, newspaper and watering houseplants are all included with our service at no additional charge.

I’m not sure about giving you my house key and code to my security system. What steps do you take to protect me?
95% of our clients have us keep a key “on file”. When we do this, they key is coded with your pet’s name and a four-digit code number corresponding to our records. We never attach your name or address to the key, so in the unlikely event it is lost or stolen, there will be no way to use it.

If you are uncomfortable with us having your security code, many security systems can be programmed with a guest code. We can provide you with a number, or you can create one for us.

Will you come and meet me and my animals before I travel?
If you are a first-time client, we will arrange a date and time for an interview at your house before you travel. This way you get to meet us (Kathleen and Scottie) and we get to meet you and your animals.

Who will have access to my house?
Only two people will ever have access to your house – us (Kathleen and Scottie). We own our business and we have no employees (and we don’t bring friends over to hang out).

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes and yes! We will happily provide both client and veterinary references upon request.

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